Nice to Meet You

Why, Hello!

Thanks for stopping by. I’m Paris Lenahan, a Vancouver area wedding and family photographer. I'm a momma to two bright beautiful little girls and a wife to my loving husband. I have an Arts degree from Simon Fraser University and a diploma in photojournalism. I've been shooting weddings for over 5 years now. I love getting to know my clients, documenting their commitment to each other and watching them grow their own families.

Long before there was a camera in my hand I’ve always loved to explore and look for the beauty in our world, to find the art in the everyday. This is what drew me to photography. I strive to capture some of that beauty and preserve memories in my photos; to grasp that fleeting moment, a slice of time; to show real emotion and relationships; to create; to craft; to be a storyteller. And it's become my passion to tell your story through authentic and artistic images.

A little more about me…
  • I love meeting new people but am naturally shy.
  • I’ll never say no to chocolate... chocolate dipped frozen banana bites are my current to-die-for dessert.
  • I love travelling ... Italy, Cuba, Scotland to name just a few.  And I can't wait to do an overseas adventure as a family.
  • I love nature, fresh air, and sunsets but am a bit of a homebody too.  There's nothing quite like your own home with all your creature comforts.
  • I choose cats over dogs but that might soon change. Our cat, Two-Face, is getting old and I know the girls would adore a dog.
  • Guilty pleasures include sneaking cookie dough from the bowl, Peppermint Mocha's, Outlander and evenings to myself when the rest of the family is asleep.
  • A typical date night with my husband, Colin, is spent cuddled up on the couch, in front of the fire with a glass of wine and good conversation.
I found myself when I became a mother. Well, at least a side of myself I didn't know was there. I always assumed one day I would have children but it wasn't quite on the horizon yet. When my first daughter was born I dove in with both feet even though I had no idea what I was doing. With a few helpful prods in the right direction, I learned to trust my natural instinct on how I wanted to respond to my baby and raise my family.  Becoming a mother transformed me; it finally gave me a purpose beyond myself and my personal aspirations. It’s true, parenthood can be an incredibly tough job at times but I embrace the way I am constantly challenged to be a better person.  

I take that same approach to photography and my business. There is always room for growth. I’m constantly improving my craft, the service I provide and am always trying to stay fresh and creative.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me a little. 

I can’t wait to learn your story!