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Hatley Castle Wedding, Victoria, BC | Trisha & Alex

What an amazing Hatley Castle wedding! I have to say (although I’m really not suppose to say stuff like this) this one was my favourite of the year so far. I mean come on – the location(!), not to mention that the couple was fantastic every step of the way!

Trisha & Alex met back in Nova Scotia during university. After dating several years he eventually popped the question during after faking a fall during a hockey game and she said yes!  They planned their wedding in Nova Scotia, however sometimes life gets in the way of the best-laid plans and Trish discovered she was pregnant! They decided to postpone the wedding and focus on this big life change.  My first daughter was a surprise too so I can totally relate – we also decided to focus getting our lives in order, bought a condo and waited to have our wedding until Sevilla was 9 months old. Great minds think alike, however, planning a wedding while taking care of a baby is quite a task. I have to say Trish pulled it off better than I did.

In the meanwhile, Alex who is an officer in the Navy, was stationed to CFB Esquimalt and they both made the big cross country move to Vancouver Island. After baby Soliel made her grand arrival, Trisha begun the wedding planning process again in-between diaper changes, feedings and naps. During a stroll around Royal Roads University, a short walk from their home, the seed was planted that Hatley Castle would make the perfect ceremony location. I can’t agree more. It was even more fitting to know that it used to be a military college.

Their wedding turned out amazing, with their blush accents and blooming peonies, castle grounds and coastal views.  Over 95% of their guests flew in, essentially making it a destination wedding. The only thing that put a bit of a damper on the wedding was the rain (pun intended:P ). The weather had been fantastic leading up to the wedding but the forecast predicted rain all day. I know we’re the wet coast but no bride wants it to rain on their wedding day, especially if it’s an outdoor wedding.  Everyone persevered and were good sports, the bridal party and guests took cover inside the castle waiting for a break.  When there was a lull, it didn’t hold off for long, starting up again right in the middle of the ceremony! Fortunately, it dried off for our remaining time at the venue for the photos and cocktails afterwards. Luckily the beautiful grounds and gardens make up for a little rain.

The reception was held at The Ward Room at CFB Esquimalt, with it’s breathtaking coastal views. I was moved by the speeches of Trisha’s parents and couldn’t help but fast forward in my mind to the day(s) my daughters will get married.

It was such an honour to be a part of Alex & Trisha’s wedding. I’m humbled that they found me out of the Google haystack and choose to bring me over to the Island to document their day. I wish your family of three all the best to come in your lives together.

Hatley Castle Wedding 2016-06-13_0015 Hatley Castle WeddingHatley Castle Wedding Hatley Castle Wedding Hatley Castle Wedding2016-06-12_0001 Hatley Castle Wedding Hatley Castle Wedding

Hatley Castle WeddingHatley Castle Wedding

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Second Photographer: Chris Davies, Spark Photography
Ceremony Venue: Hatley Castle, Royal Roads University
Reception Venue: The Wardroom, CFB Esquimalt
Wedding Coordinator: Candace Koutougos, Tie the Knot Events
Videography: Film by Jinbon Lau 
Marriage Commissioner:  Teresa Kojder
Hair & Makeup: Artistry by Alexa
DJ Sevices: Chris Poynter, Wedding & Event DJ
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